Since our debut in 2017, we’ve committed ourselves to enhancing the artist-to-fan experience by creating a full-circle system of support for established and emerging talent alike. As the premier live streaming destination for the music community, it’s been our mission to leverage technology to connect creators across the globe, enabling them to share their passion on a worldwide scale. 

Today, it is with sincere regret to announce that WAV will be shut down as of Sunday, December 22nd, 2019. After much discussion and deliberation, we will cease from releasing any new WAV content, and the WAV app will be removed from the App Store and Google Play platforms starting Monday, December 9th, 2019. 

All accounts will be deleted and removed from our platform by December 22nd. If you wish to save your content, please download them prior December 22nd.

To download your content directly from the app, follow these steps: Profile > Media Management > “…” > Download Video

To download your content from the website, follow these steps:
Profile > Media Management > “…” > Download Video


We are forever grateful to the entire WAV community — our partners, creators, artists and users — and are beyond proud of everything we’ve been able to experience and achieve together over the past few years.

WAV was built by a community of music lovers looking to solve a problem. Our hearts – though heavy – remain passionate for this space and the artists within it. We look forward to continue watching our incredibly talented community grow, and we’ll be rooting for you with everything we have.

Thank you for everything. Until we meet again – keep creating. 🌊


  1. You will be missed, but I wish we had more time. It’s going to be difficult for creators to find a new platform and to transfer our fans to it.

    1. 22k+ followers gained through hard work in a year down the drain. I hope I can get at least half of them back on a different platform.

  2. Why will you be shutting down? I am very concerned and if we know we why we could be able to handle it better and there will be no verbal conflict.

  3. Aw man my and my friend big music fans and this was the first app I downloaded on my phone so it will be so sad for this app to be shut down thank you for informing us so it doesn’t come so fast

  4. I will miss Wav a lot. Wav is favorite app because it’s so easy to post something. I just want to know why Wav is being shutdown.

  5. what a shame! Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to upload our music and create our own visuals to the community. WAV was a great learning tool especailly Rollcall i really enjoyed the interaction with industry professionals. i wish I could have contributed more but hey! Thats the way it goes.

    hopefully we can all have the chance again some day.


  6. I can honestly say it saddens me considering i just recently found this community and a place i can really put my music out and grow from others wish you guys the best in the future

  7. I will forever be grateful for Wav giving my son an opportunity to play for the world to hear. We will never forget all that you done for all this artist. You will always live in our hearts. Thank you and God Bless. Robin Season’ mother

  8. Wow I never would have thought this would happen. At least if you happens to make a new app for the artist community then I’ll be there.

  9. This really sucks. My clients do their streaming on Twitch but I really liked seeing a standalone music livestreaming service make a go of it. If anyone wants to learn about Twitch, I wrote a book called Twitch for Musicians that explains how it all works. The ebook is on sale at Amazon, though you can buy it anywhere. There is also an online course with video walk-throughs. WAV-ers can get half off with code WAV at onlinecourse dot twitchformusicians dotcom.

  10. Hello-
    I never used this app, but I am an anonymous veteran of livestreaming. I started livestreaming on Twitch in 2015 and was a top featured artist on the Krue platform from 2016 until it’s sad end in ’18.

    First of all, through all my experimenting, I never found a legitimate way to live stream to an app with my audio equipment. That’s bad. Most of my production value is in both fidelity and performance, and the idea of an app totally ruins the whole experience. This needed a website, actual marketing and promotion, not to mention some kind of actual community.

    The livestreaming music circuit has hit an all time low. All that is left is Twitch and a small useless crevice of late 2000’s ‘dot com’ technology, StreetJelly. Consider that one a camsite for old people musicians. Not even considerable for true community building.

    Sure, this app is gone, never used it even — but that shows me something was wrong. I am 100% on the dot usually with joining new platforms and wanting to be a part of them, but this one slipped me by. I actually found out from that Twitch for Musicians thing on Twitter.

    So, to whoever owns this platform — great idea somewhat, poorly done.

    I only hope there will be another set of computer-based music platforms. Twitch Music is also showing signs of dying as livestreaming is about to have a huge shift in relevance for the 2020s. Perhaps Mixer is the next musician streamer gold rush.

    1. I remember Krue! Twitch Music is growing right now, not dying. Lots of new artists coming on board and Twitch finally has a dedicated music department to look after the category and help it grow.

  11. I’m honestly sad right now, our beloved “Wav” is leaving us. I only had the app for 3 months so I don’t know much but, it’s a shame to see the best music app to learn, interact, and create music to leave us so soon. I wanted the app to live on but that dream has shattered. I hope the best luck for the wav team and everyone to live on without it. I hope we get to see you again but it may not happen. You will be missed and forever in our hearts.

    We wish you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year…

    -Sinecerly FuzioMeme1o1 (Adain)

  12. Happy Holidays and Thank You

    I’m actually kind of happy to hear this news, I wish I could call out some BS and say y’all will be returning with something better. But I get it, it’s the holidays – we’re all tired. No matter who you are, were you come from, what music you make…we all get tired.

    Thanks 🎖WAV HQ🎖for doing the real work that goes into something this huge! It’s an amazing platform. Thank to every person that got their asses out there and were unafraid, thanks for reminding me, no matter how far you think you’ve come – there’s just so much more LIFE and MUSIC…Shit don’t ever stop🪐🌊


  13. “Man looks in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.”

    Thanks for the moments. Everybody take care.

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