When it comes to promoting your music online, the possibilities are endless. WAV is always working to support artists along their journey, wherever they may be. Whether you’re creating a visualizer for a new track, want to perform at a major show or festival, or are curious about how the industry works – we’ve got something for you.

Let’s walk through a few of our artist benefits, shall we?


Our livestream capabilities were built with community in mind. Go live from your phone or with WAV’s desktop partner PRISM. Interact with your audience in real time, ask questions, share new music, get to know your WAV family better while having fun with filters, titles, images and screen sharing. Go live!


By far the most popular feature on the WAV app for artists looking to give a track more life. Use your own artwork to create and customize visuals or pick from WAV’s visualizer library. Use the visualizer tool to promote new music, freshen up old music, or just for the hell of it.



WAV integrates PayPal so you can get paid when your fans drop diamonds (WAV’s in-app currency) while watching your content. We’ve seen artists make hundreds of dollars from both VOD content and livestreaming while teasing new music, fundraising for new projects, or simply doing makeup while chatting about music.

Get creative. Get paid. That’s it.


Artists who are active within the WAV community have opportunities to be featured in WAV’s original content series like our bi-weeky show “Kickback.” Kickback is a live music showcase and Q&A hosted at WAV’s headquarters – highlighting artists from within the WAV community. That’s you. Engage with the WAV platform and submit your music to be considered! 


WAV has worked closely with leading industry partners like Mixmag, The FADER, Insomniac, Industry Talks, and more – all aligned in a mission to support the music community. Offering everything from festival performance opportunities, docu-series features, or exclusive access to industry events – our partners are dedicated to creating real-world opportunities for artists like you.

Frequencies ep 3. featuring megan thee stallion


Music’s impact is much bigger than numbers could ever measure – however, it’s important to be aware how your work is being received. With WAV’s insight tool, you can see exactly how your content is performing, what’s working for your audience, and what’s not. 

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