Kickback – NOA JAMES

Noa James has a presence that demands your attention.

Coming from the west coast’s Inland Empire, Noa has been at the forefront of the WAV community – using the platform since day one, always down to experiment on new projects with us.

Throughout the years of knowing and working with OrcaMane himself, I’ve found that my favorite place to be is next to him as he lights up a blunt and shares jokes, stories, and wisdom as he passes it around.

In the season 2 premiere of Kickback – that exact energy, wisdom, and light translates through his live performance alongside producer Nuglife. Noa performs Love Monster, Burn Slow, Mirror Mirror (1997), Orcamane, Keep That Shitty Energy To Yourself, The Orca 2, and Buu’s Hungry with raw honesty that makes you feel like you’ve known him your whole life.

During the Q&A, Noa answers questions about the creative process, weight loss, his dream dinner guest, and leading with love.

Watch Noa’s full Kickback episode above, and subscribe to his WAV channel here.

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