WAV invited electronic artist Emerald Lake to take the stage for the second episode of this season’s Kickback.

We weren’t ready for Emerald Lake.

We weren’t ready.

Emerald Lake (aka David Lewis) showed up ready to blow our minds with two special guests in tow, Yas and Kole. As Kickback is a live show, none of us knew what was in store, but we were ready for a good time as rehearsals filled the soundstage and office with laughter and excitement.

On stage, he hit us with a mini mix that took us through an emotional journey – weaving together multiple genres with his own touch and abiding by his mantra of, in his words, “playing my own shit, some of my friends shit, and my idols stuff…make it dancey, play edits and a blend of sound you haven’t heard before” – and oh boy did he ever.

About halfway through his set, he’s joined by Yas and Kole who brought a fierce feminine energy with their harmonies over David’s mix… Yas got us in our feelings with two violin solos against David’s set that are the most beautiful thing I think we’ve ever filmed.

During the Q&A, host Omari Allen and David discuss advice for young artists to dinner with Denzel Washington and everything in between.

This episode isn’t one to miss – we want to thank Emerald Lake again for coming to the Kickback stage and treating us to an incredible show.

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