Kickback – DIVISI

WAV invited Phoenix-based rap, trap, and EDM producer DIVISI to take the stage for episode 3 of this season’s Kickback, and boy, oh boy was this episode a treat.

We’ve been following DIVISI on WAV for a while now – he’s been extremely active over the past year, going live and giving us inside looks of him hard at work in the studio.

Watching that studio work come to life on the Kickback stage was truly amazing to witness.

DIVISI plays us an incredible mini mix that kept the entire building moving and buzzing throughout its entirety. I even saw Kevin from Finance tapping his toes – he couldn’t help it.

He hits our intimate studio audience with the same performance energy you see at major festivals, and for 44 minutes we were all at Coachella dancing and vibing at DIVISI’s hand.

During the Q&A, host Omari Allen and DIVISI discuss his inspiration from his parents, collaboration plans, custom sweaters, and That 70’s Show.

Thank you again to DIVISI and team, we had a blast, and will be revisiting this mix over and again.

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