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Kickback Featuring Emerald lake


Numbers don’t define talent, and shouldn’t decide opportunities.

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At WAV, we’re about seeing and celebrating artists wherever they may be in their music career, and offering intimate experiences to fans who are eager for undiscovered music.

The music industry is a complicated space, as blending business with art and expression can often get messy. I’d love to tell you the music industry is just, fair, and judged on talent, message, and craft – but we all know that absolutely isn’t true. Often when an artist is considered for an opportunity – before any questions around the music, the message, the talent, the energy, the artist themselves – the question “how many followers?” comes first.

So much talent gets lost in the shuffle simply because the numbers attached to artists tell us that they “aren’t ready for” the investment of time, money, or spotlight just yet.


We’re here to celebrate you where you are in your career right now, backed by a community of fans who don’t want the music industry to tell them who to listen to.

Our weekly live stream series Kickback showcases artist performances in an intimate setting with a live in-app Q&A, allowing fans to discover and get to know artists within the WAV community, as well as the music community at large.

Kickback started as an experiment, throwing monthly parties at WAV HQ, inviting friends from electronic music labels and collectives like OWSLA, Perfect Driver, and Buygore by to perform live over some pizza and beer. In season 2 of Kickback, we stripped down the atmosphere and changed the vibe to a more intimate feel, focusing on highlighting artists within the WAV community of any genre, and showcasing their talent for exactly what it is… raw talent.

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