Welcome to the WAV Blog!

Oh, hello.

We don’t know how you got here, maybe it was one of our amazing partners that introduced you to us, maybe Kanye had a hand in it, maybe an artist that you love joined and you followed, or maybe you don’t know us at all and you’re aggressively rolling your eyes at the subtle name drop above. Totally fair.

Whatever the case – We’re happy you’re here, and so excited to share a new chapter of the WAV journey with you.

Let’s jump into the basics, shall we?

What is WAV?

WAV is a live streaming platform and a community built to give artists the support they need to succeed, while giving fans access to valuable experiences they can’t get anywhere else.

That’s why we’re here. That’s our mission.

Why Join WAV?


WAV was built with you in mind. Built to support you along your entire journey, from creating and collaborating, to promotion and performance.

We’re always brainstorming around what problems you face in the industry, and where we can help even the playing field of all artists, wherever you land in your career.


What is an artist without their fans? WAV wants to bring you closer to the artists you love, give you intimate access to exclusive digital experiences you won’t get anywhere else – all while making it easy for you to support artists directly, personally, and before anyone else.

Buy artists coffee via digital gifting, attend exclusive listening events via livestream, and put your friends on to the best new artists you find on WAV. We want artists to win, and can tell you first hand there is no better feeling than watching an artist you love succeed and knowing you had a part in that journey.

We’ve got a lot planned for this space, we’ll be highlighting new artists, showcasing behind the scenes content, and offering some industry tips, thoughts, and special surprises along the way. Keep in mind that we made this for you. Use this space to reach out with thoughts, feelings, questions, and suggestions along the way.

We’re listening.

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